Who Am I?

165809-78Call me Maz! I am from Wisconsin, USA and I work as a cell phone retailer for U.S. Cellular. I graduated in 2013 from UW-Parkside with a degree in History and a minor in Philosophy. A large part of my life has been spent either watching anime or in a theater. Going to the movies was a favorite past-time of mine so I think it helped a lot in shaping the person I am today. How else to people learn life lessons? From their parents? gross…

What Is This Blog About?


Until recently, roughly the last year or so, I hadn’t had a specific direction for this blog… I figured it would be something I could use to share my thoughts about everything! Over time, however, the blog has taken on the nature of being a review blog. Mostly for movies but also for anime, books, film, television and more.

Why am I focusing on reviews?

The shift toward reviews stems largely from the fact that film, in particular, is something I have a lot of exposure with. I have been seeing movies my whole life, like most people, but I go to my local theater probably 1-3 times a week minimum and am generally going to see all the latest films. In all honestly I enjoy the ambiance and experience of the theater as a whole– so a film doesn’t even necessarily have to peak my interest for me to go.

I also watch a great deal of anime, probably less than my wife who has been known to go on anime watching binges when she gets really REALLY into a show, but I enjoy anime! It is not merely a genre, it has many of its own genre and is always growing and changing and there is something for all ages…so ignore my mother or father who think you are just watching cartoons!

I started doing reviews because most reviews come off a bit snobbish and I find myself generally disagreeing with them far too often. Many people share my opinion and distaste of modern cinematic reviewers and so I hope, with my blog, I will be able to provide a more every-man’s (or woman’s) opinion on film… but keep in mind, just like the professional reviewers– my reviews are very subjective (I mean… is there anything that is truly objective anyways? I think not…) so do not be surprised if you disagree with me– I welcome dissenting opinions! Feel free to comment or message me because, hell, I miss things in films too and sometimes things my resonate more with other than myself and I would love to be made aware of these different takes!

When Will I Update the Site?

Currently, I post very sporadically. I work retail… so my hours are variable and honestly I am sometimes too tired to work on writing. So do not be surprised to have a few weeks with no updates only to have a week where I have three or four updates– it happens.

As time goes on though, I think I will eventually have a more set-in-stone schedule where I update my blog weekly or twice a week… I am leaning toward Wednesdays and Sundays? More on that later….


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