Top Movies That Need a Remake or Sequel

If you’re anything like me whenever you read a book, watch a movie or show, you get emotionally attached to the characters and feel a twinge of sadness when they are gone. As a very consistent movie go-er, anime junkie and book reader, I end up with this feeling quite often! Many movies both great and bad, are either set-up for a sequel or just left unfinished to the point where you’re frustrated no sequel was ever released. Other films overtime become cult classics that you would love to see adapted with modern cinematography. I’ve been considering what films I would love to see remade or have sequels for and here is my current list (always subject to change):

1. Top Gun


Honestly, I would enjoy either a sequel or remake equally! A sequel would allow me to finally see what happened to the amazing characters. Obviously Maverick was the better pilot ( over Iceman) but having the title of  “Top Gun” should go a long way in the pilot community–right?

And did Maverick ever overcome his extreme pension for angst ad ridiculousness? Maybe he became a more grounded family man… the point is I DON’T KNOW! And I want to…

And man, a remake? With modern CGI? We can finally see Maverick and Goose “work on their foreign relations”! Pus the movie is so old that I think a retelling of Goose’s death would be as–if not more– heartbreaking than in the original.

2. District 9

Seriously? Did the goddamn alien come back? Did he come back with hostile intentions for humanity being jerks to him for so many years? Did the main character ever turn back into a human or is he out there somewhere all lonely in the slums?

I hate not knowing and this movie ends in a sad and lonely cliffhanger.

And the friggin’ director keeps making other movies like Elysium (hated it) or Chappie(sort of loved it?) rather than make a sequel ad make me happy. Honestly I’m usually okay with sequels… Christopher Nolan’s wobbly top made sense to me and I can accept not knowing… District 9’s ending just annoys me.

3. Ender’s Game

MV5BMjAzMzI5OTgzMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTU5MTAwMDE@__V1_SY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_Admittedly I am a little biased on this… I enjoyed the film–which then prompted me to pick up the books. WHICH I LOVED! Especially Speaker of the Dead. Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggin was an amazingly likable character who could accomplish anything and it was fun to see him best everyone.

The movie, like I said was a very good movie.. but it suffered from what a lot of book-turned-movies suffer from… You have to take out so much or change so many things that the end product just is not the same. But the core characters were done we and I hope they did well enough in the box offices to earn a sequel? Age isn’t really a factor here since Ender Wiggin does an age jump in the next books.

4. Demolition Man


So it isn’t one of the best movies ever made (is it even considered a classic?) but it was a very fun movie and it is still something I will watch if it finds its way to television. It is ridiculous, and entertaining and let’s be honest… the 2012 Judge Dredd was badass so why can’t this be equally badass?

In fact, I think it could work as a gritty action flick. You could go either dark or humorous (or both) and, if done well, it could be a fun time.

Plus Sandra Bullock is still hot enough to pull it off….just sayin’

5.The Last Dragon


This was a tough one for me… I love this film– I grew up on this film. I can watch it every day and still love it. So do I really want a remake? In my heart of hearts? probably not…but dammit It deserves some updated golden-glow effects!!

I am not saying it would be the greatest Kung Fu flick this side of the 2000’s, I am just saying it would be the best Kung Fu Flick this side of the 2000’s TO ME!

Also I would love to see his love interest played by someone way hotter… Bruce Leroy deserves that!

6. Chronicle


Chronicle was one those weird camera-shot films that you either love or hate. I thoroughly enjoyed it even  though I hate

most films that employ the “found footage” vehicle of story telling but in spite of that the idea of a few friends gaining super powers is always appealing to the regular Joe.

Side note: I hated that they killed off Michael B. Jordan for no good reason!

They left so much unanswered that I am almost positive the creator wanted a sequel.. I want to know what happened to the final living character…

7. Blade


Okay okay okay… yes they did make 3 movies…. but I just want to see more of Blade. This might be my favorite Wesley Snipes role other than  Sidney from White Men Can’t Jump. He pulls off the role of cod-hearted loaner-badass really well. And you have to respect how much he bulked up for these films. So I personally would love another installment (hopefully with Ryan Reynolds because he adds a good humorous counterbalance to Blade)

8. E.T.


I don’t even need to explain why I want this to be remade do I? Modern CGI, love of the characters MODERN CGI!!!

9. Jumper


I am one of the few people who probably enjoyed this film and would like to see a sequel. Sure it was not without its flaws– but it is a cool concept with a shitty villain is all…

10. Sandlot


This is another film that I grew up with and loved. LOVED! The characters were fun and so was the plot. Honestly the only improvement I think could be made is have the film be more about baseball?

I love this movie so much that I bought my dad the special Sandlot edition P.F. Flyers for his birthday this past year!

Maybe a solid sequel idea would be following the story and career if Benny ‘The Jet’ Rodriguez?

ALSO! Sandlot 2 Sucked so bad…


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