Age of Ultron

I was really hyped for this movie because I thoroughly enjoy most Marvel films and I loved the first Avengers film. This film obviously had a lot going for it: it had the same cat that I loved, same amazing characters and they even added James Spader as Ultron… which was a perfect friggin’ choice! Additionally they added Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Honestly I did not know much about these two characters. I only know Quicksilver as a less-good version of the Flash (in terms of speed?) and I knew that they were Magneto’s children– that’s it!

Let me say this first, I enjoyed the movie a lot! The action, the characters, the bad guy! All of these made for a good time. Did I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first Avenger’s film? No. I thought they tried to do too much and they were a bit all over the place. Additionally, you really didn’t sympathize with the villain at all. I think this was because he development was too quick. “Ahh! I am alive–what? totally hate the world…” — you just cannot connect with that… This does not take away from the fact that the voice and Ultron himself were pretty cool. I especially like how much the metal-man emoted during the film, constantly being frustrated at being referred to as a created of Tony Stark and wanting to– like anyone– to get out of his ‘parent’s’ shadow. But again, that only takes you so far as a viewer for really engaging with the film and the character. Another issue with Ultron, I had, was an issue about his ability… Yes he was powerful, but mostly in terms of his resources…whenever he fought any avenger it’s not like he was superior to them in that sense.. which made him less menacing.

If I had to pick a favorite part for the film, I suspect it would align with the favorite for many people:

Hulk Buster Vs. The Hulk! Literally, this was accounted for 40% of my desire to see the movie… and honestly it was worth it! The fight was both badass and humorous at the same time, the only negative about the fight was that it made Bruce Banner retreat back into his “Oh I am a monster, no one can love me until I can learn to love myself”- phase that I thought he moved past in the first film. Other than that, it was an amazingly awesome fight sequence that allowed Tony Stark to instantly buy and destroy a building complex!

Also, what’s with ScarJo and Banner getting all lovey? seemed forced to me… Maybe it wouldn’t

 have been forced if Marvel could figure out how to make a successful Hulk film… Also– Black Widow better not break the sensitive Bruce Banner’s heart!

Honestly, I think Age of Ultron would have been a better standalone Iron Man film because I would love to see both Vision and Ultron get more screen time to flesh out their characters. Since Avengers deals with such a big cast, that just simply can’t happen in it. You sacrifice character development for plot-pushing. Which was fine in the first Avengers because you had an established villain that the audience both understood and loved. In the end, you want to feel bad for Ultron or sympathize with him but you just can’t.

I look forward to more from Marvel in phase 3 and again, I did thoroughly enjoy this film– it just wasn’t AS GOOD as the original Avengers… but sequels often aren’t as good as their originals so I am also not overly surprised.

Oh, another positive in this film is that I thought there was a lot more humor than the original? That definitely goes in the plus column for me!


I am going to try something new on this first post as well: a rating system! I generally haven’t in my past blogs, but let’s give it a shot:

My ranking will be based on plot/story, characters, storytelling, acting and ad-campaign.. this ranking may change in the future but I think each of these is important to a film in their own right!


Plot/Story (out of 20 possible points):

The plot of Age of Ultron was an interesting one. Tony Stark wants to create a “suit of armor around the world” to protect the world from possible threats–like aliens that invaded in the first film. That creation backfires and becomes the very threat that he was hoping to defend against. The story is something people can sympathize with as well as can take the film in many different directions. However, the plot of Avengers was also a bit all over the place–often favoring random plot points in favor of the overarching plot as a whole. As such, I am giving Age of Ultron a score of 17/20

Characters(out of 20 possible points):
The characters were awesome– even the added ones like Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Ultron and Vision. The main cast were funny and acted very well! I loved that this film has more humor than the last one as well.. as a result I am rating AoU a 20/20

Storytelling (out of 30 possible points)

How you tell a story is probably one of the most important aspect of a film. You an have phenomenal actors/characters– but if you tell a love story via every cliché ever made, it’s going to suck and be predictable. As such, this ranking is weighted slightly higher than the other criterion. AoU, like I said in the “plot” portion was all over the place– I liked some parts of the story and hated other parts and since the villain was a bit rushed I am forced to rank AoU at a meager 15/30

Acting (out of 20 possible points)

The acting was pretty spot on with everyone. I loved the voice acting of James Spader, he has an eerie calmness that both draws you in and frightens you. Christ Evans might have been born to play captain America and  RDJ is perfect as Iron Man as per usual. The only weirdness for me came from Vision and Jeremy Renner, for different reasons. Vision seemed awkward and worried the whole time and Renner’s Hawk Eye just seemed like a change because he basically became the old man of the group. However, the acting as a whole was great so AoU earned a 19/20

Ad-Campaign (out of 10 possible points)
10/10 they had the perfect amount of hype and action in their previews that revealed just enough to keep you interested. They also didn’t over advertise where you were tired of seeing stuff for it by the time of the movie release!

Total Rating: 81/100


One thought on “Age of Ultron

  1. Nice review sir. You make some fair points concerning the movie. I may not agree with all of the points you made but excellent review. Like the new rating system as well!


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