Big Hero 6 Review!!

I don’t think it is a big secret that I love animated movies (also anime and cartoons in general)… I grew up on Disney films! So naturally, I usually go see the big Disney blockbusters when they come out, like Frozen, Wreck it Ralph, and Tangled to name some of the newer ones. On a side note, Marcus Theaters are doing a “Enchanted Film Series” this month and are showing a classic Disney movie every week. They are showing/showed Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. I really hope they do more of these Disney film series’!!

Anyways, Big Hero 6 is among the most recent Disney animations and it definitely lives up! It shares a lot of what Disney has always done well, like having amazing side characters, and also expanded into a bit more of the emotional side…just to tug on our heart strings. It is one of the best animated movies of 2014 so I can’t help but post about it… Here it goes!!



Big Hero 6 follows a young genius kid, Hiro Hamada, who is seemingly a bit lost in life. He is overconfident and a bit bored with life as he is already a genius and already knows everything he needs to know. He, therefore,

Hiro bored at a bot fight
Hiro bored at a bot fight

resorts to illegal bot fighting to get his thrills. He benevolent and awesome brother, seeing that Hiro needs a path of his own, brings him to his “nerd school” where Hiro becomes impressed by all the awesome tech that his brother and other students work on in the lab. Hiro falls in love with the school and beings to focus on attending.

He creates micro-bots and enters the school’s science fair to win admittance into the school. His micro-bots impress the professor there 7253941_origas the applications for them are seemingly limitless. Signals are transmitted from Hiro’s Neuro-Transmitter, to the bots allowing them to take shape, build things, carry things and much more all with a simple thought. Basically, his micro-bots are similar to a Green Lantern’s ring, without the whole “will power” weakness. Anyways, he impresses at the science fair and gains acceptance into the school. However, that same night, the science-fair building goes aflame with the professor of the school (Robert Callaghan) trapped inside. Tadashi Hamada runs in to save Callaghan, only for the building to blow up as he goes in, killing Tadashi.

Tadashi’s death  pushes Hiro into a depression as he refuses to to anything, like eat or register for classes. He accidentally activates Tadashi’s life’s work, a medical and adorable robot named Baymax, when he injures himself at home. Together, they find out that someone had stolen Hiro’s

Baymax Cradling Hiro
Baymax Cradling Hiro

micro-bots and that it may be connected to his brother’s death. They begin their crazy-awesome adventure and bring along some friends to help fight!!

Thoughts and Characters

This movie is full of awesome characters, each one of them is great in their own way. The two main characters are no exception! Hiro Hamada is still just a kid. Even though he is a genius, he is emotional, adorable and sometimes even dumb or full of himself! His companion Baymax, in alot of ways is opposite to him. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both adorable in their own way, but Baymax is generally very simple-minded, calm, level-headed and unwavering. Whereas Hiro is often overcome by emotions, thoughtless, aggressive and often changes his mind. As such, they make great companions that round each other off.


917f0042c240f9540135db8b0b6e99e5They have many other great characters as well! Go-Go, for instance is a badass and empowered woman that appears to be amazing on anything with wheels. She is tough and sarcastic, but she is also loyal. She even gets everyone out of a jam by driving amazingly as a getaway driver in a not-so-amazing car. She is fearless and fierce and yet still manages to be adorable and likable.

Wasabi is no where near as fearless and Go-Go. He is tactical and wants to make plans rather than rush in. Unfortunately, this is usually opposite of what his teammates are thinkings, so he ends up Wasabi_Sword_Renderhaving to rush in anyways. He is voiced by Damon Waynes Jr. (which, lets be honest sounds EXACTLY like Damon Waybes Sr.) and he brings a lot of charm to the role. Wasabi seems like your standard nerd who runs away from a fight, and he probably would if he wasn’t so concerned about his friends. He seems like a wuss, but he toughens up when it counts!! Oh and did I mention he has Plasma-enduced laser hands as he weapon? totally badass.

I use the word “adorable” a lot for a guy. I am not sure why, but hey I have no trouble admitting when I find something adorable. As my wife for instance… I call her adorable often because of her adorably small-person Honey-Lemon-big-hero-6-37638969-1280-1366struggles and he attempts to act tough. Honey Lemon IS ADORABLE. She is super likable and upbeats, practically singing whenever she speaks. I’m not sure she would hurt a fly, and you never really see her fight directly, so maybe she doesn’t have to… Either way, she strikes me as some that, if you ran into them in public, you could easily become friends with at the drop of a hat. Her “power” is putting tungsten carbine balls in what appears to be a purse that activates chemicals found on the periodic table. She uses these devices to make bombs of all shapes and sizes and they range from things like actual explosives and smoke bombs to gelatenous globs and freezing puddles. Pretty versatile and useful if you ask me…

Finally, Fred….Fred is amazing. His character might be the most awesome fredzillaof the whole movie… which is saying a lot with such a likable cast. But seriously, he steals every scene where he utters any word… He is a comic book and “science enthusiast” who knows nothing of actual science but still hangs out with those who do in hopes that they will one day make him into a reptile that spits fire or at least make him an invisible sandwich to eat. He is hilarious, supportive, useful and HILARIOUS! His costume allows him to jump really high and spit out fire as well =)

This movie deals with a wide array of topics both from a hero perspective and villain perspective. Hiro has to not only come to terms with his big brother’s death, but also learn to forgive the would-be assassin. On the flip side, Callaghan has his own dark reasons for doing what he has done. As Fred points out, to Callaghan… it is a revenge story, and the same holds true for Hiro.

Baymax is often there to remind Hiro to be kind, as are his companions. Sometimes Hiro listens, sometimes he literally flies away leaving his team stranded on a deserted island because they didn’t let him kill the enemy. And, at the end of the day, Hiro has to learn to say goodbye and move on.

This Disney movie is a little more powerful on the emotions both in its portrayal and in its length. Compared to somethings like Frozen, where the emotions are a vehicle for awesome things to swoop in or for things to change, Big Hero 6’s emotional rides are never quite neatly fixed. Callaghan, in a way, gets what he wants in the end but it is bittersweet. Hiro gets Baymax and a bunch of friends, but has to live with the void that is his brother. It is a refreshing change of pace for Disney and lets hope that they keep up this realistic approach!



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