Upcoming posts

Oh man,  I haven’t really had that much time for any lengthy posts recently due to work.  Which,  quite honestly,  sucks considering I have been watching and reading some cool stuff lately.  So here is a small list of potential posts that will be coming :

1. Anime Review “Another”…..  It’s spectacular,   if not a little too gory and insane.  However it keeps you interested through  it all!


2. Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow…  Very good film and it’s a shame it will not get the credit it deserved!


3. Movie Review: Xmen Days of Future Past…. Although I might have my fiance write this one since she was way more goo goo eyed over it that I was.


4. Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2…..effin  loved it!  Even better than the first!


5. Anime Review: No game no Life.  This show is amazing but I need to wait until the season finishes before reviewing it…


6. Book Review: Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide….  This will be my first book reviews…  I just have to because I’ve this series.  These books  are sequels to Enders Game.



7. Movie Review: 22 Jump Street….  Hilarious…. Soo hilarious


8. Movie Review: Godzilla…. Not a bad film….  Actually pretty comedic for me


So that’s what’s probably coming up here pretty soon…  It’s been a super busy month and I need to collect my thoughts before starting on such a lengthy endeavor!  Talk to you soon,  folks!


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