Little Busters: Loved it! So sad…. but LOVED IT!!!!

Hello everyone I know that you are expecting a review from Mr. GottyJ, but I have high jacked his blog and will be doing a review of some anime instead. I have recently powered through quite a few animes, but one that really stood out would be Little Busters and Little Busters Refrain (the final season). This is an anime is one that packs a little bit of everything into it; comedy, drama, and romance.

Little Busters


The story follows a group of childhood friends as they start to cope with the fact that soon they will be growing up. When the leader and founder of the group, Kyousuke Natsume, returns from a trip to Japan, the reality of being separated starts to sink in for the group. So to help cope with this the group form a baseball team to enjoy the remaining time they have together. The first 24 episodes is all about how Riki Naoe, the main male character, works to build the team.

*Disclaimer: they never really play baseball. It is all just them practicing, so don’t expect this to be a sports anime.* As every new member is added there are new pranks and jokes, along with new issues and troubles that Riki must help them overcome. Some of the characters have to overcome a wide variety of things, like how to deal with loss or deal with a family life that was abusive. Everything that the group encounters was meant to help the characters learn how to grow up and face their problems without running away. As Riki helps his friends to overcome their problems, he is forced to face his own issues as well. That includes learning how to stop leaning on people.

ImageAt the same time the team is starting to form Rin Natsume, the only original female member of the Little Busters, is receiving messages tied to her pet cats, the author of which is unknown, about the secret of their world. With help from

Riki, Rin sets out to complete tasks given to her by the author of the notes and try to figure out what the secret to the world is. However the secret is not something that any of the characters saw coming or were prepared for. As the show progresses the secret seems to become more and more distant. As Rin, who is the youngest of the group is forced to overcome her extreme shyness. In the final season Rin starts to open up and she becomes the focus for the rest of the anime. Watching her character change as the show progresses was one of the best part for me.

I loved this anime, not because the every single episode was amazing, but everything comes together for a truly amazing final season. By the end of the series I found myself laughing with the characters, and sharing in their hardships. Now if you are looking for an anime that is always light hearted and gives you a feel good feeling at the end of each episode, this is not an anime for you. But if you want an anime where you get to experience people grow, then this anime would be perfect for you.



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