How I Met Your Mother Finale – Review

A while back I wrote a post about How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). It is a great show filled with a lot of great characters, stories, life lessons and much much more. I love the series and I always will. The series finale, however, was very dissapointing for me for several reasons. Now I have looked up forums and other places with people talking about the HIMYM finale and it generally seems that you either loved the ending or you hated it. My sister, for instance, thought that it was a “perfect ending” while I considered it to be terrible. I do not think either of us are wrong and I do not think one of us is “more of a fan” than the other. However, I do want to lay down my reasons for hating the finale. I think that you will find them to be fairly logical and agreeable even if you liked the ending.

**ALSO If you have not yet seen the series finale you should stop reading now because everything after this point is 100% Spoilers**

Alright! After 9 seasons, Teddy Westside finally gets the  girl of his dreams! I waited so long for this, Ted had gone through so many friggin’ close calls and crap-relationships before finding  the oneAnd that is one of the elements that is dissapointing for me about the finale. The entire series, Ted is trying to find THE ONE, as if it is his purpose in life. He is a hopeless romantic and regardless of any bad experiences or hardships he had endured, the desire for finding the one out of billions of people on the planet never ceased for him.

Ted and Tracy

And for all intents and purposes, Tracy was “the one” for Ted. They writers of the show went great lengths to point that out to us. They have so many dumb, quirky things in common that, up until meeting her, Ted had not really had in common with anyone else (caligraphy, random sight-seeing road trips and much much more). She was his ultimate prize for a lifetime of struggling to find her. They introduced her in the final seasons and she also seemed to have a very impactful presence in the show. Helping out Marshall when he is stranded, Being a good friend to Lily, Influencing Barney and convincing Robin not to run away from her wedding. She was also super adorable!! Which has nothing to do with my reasoning for hating the finale, but I guess anyone hates to see someone that adorable leave.

Ted Finally found his bride!
Ted Finally found his bride!
Ted and Tacy in the Hospital
Ted and Tracy in the Hospital

Sadly, she does die in the series finale… you never really find out what kills her, Ted merely says that “She got sick”. But it is still sad and emotional. He finally found the girl of his dreams and now he loses her. They hinted at her dying an episode or two prior to the finale so this was no big surprise, but I imagine most people in the audience were begging for it not to be true. I do not think that this took away from the finale for me, it is honestly what happened after that kills it for me.

The entire finale seasons was focused on Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky’s wedding. They both had to overcome some pretty big personality traits to get that far they both made a lot of strides this seasons with becoming a much stronger couple. They had dated before and broke up because they both got too comfortable around each other, let themselves go, and became miserable, but they never stopped loving each other and Barney even spent months, literally MONTHS, concocting an ultimate play to purpose to her. And they finally get married in the second-to-last episode of the series!!!

Divorce =(
Divorce =(

And withing 10 minutes of the series finale they get a divorce. Well, not literally 10 minutes after getting married, their actual marriage lasts about three years. But after spending an entire season focusing on their marriage, I think you could see how this might be frustrating for the audience. After countless hurdles that they pushed through to finally get married, it was over way too quickly.  What’s worse, is that the rest of the episode, Robin is kind of a bitch. She distances herself from everyone like crazy and they basically don’t see her for years until she finally gets lonely enough to come back. It honestly kind of made me hate her character for a bit.

They also kind of crapped on Barney’s character for the episode as well. You will remember from my previous HIMYM post, that Barney was probably my favorite character for the show. As much as I love each character, he is the shows anchor. He is basically like their Stewie. Without him, the show would not be anywhere near as good! After getting divorced, all of the strides and character growths go out the window for Barney and he goes back to being the same old-womanizing person he was before. Which was always funny in seasons prior but, in the finale,  it just made you feel sad for him. His character didn’t seem happy to be the way he was anymore, just lost and miserable. And he goes on that way for some time until he accidentally has a child with a girl her refers to as “31” and is life is “changed forever” as he has a moment of resolve and clarity.

Stinson has a baby
Stinson has a baby

I can see what the writers were trying to do there, giving Barney the ultimate opportunity for self growth and all, but again, it seemed so forced that I really couldn’t connect with the moment like I should have. It  felt like they were just throwing Barney a bone so that his fan-base wouldn’t get pissed. I guess we can all take solace in the fact that the child will have an awesome friggin’ father with tons of cash to burn.

But yeah, I absolutely hated what they did with Barney’s character. Also, Marshall and Lily didn’t have much of  a role now that I am thinking about it… Sure they were there, but if they were not in the episode I think most of the events would have unfolded exactly the same. Weird…

The final reveal for the show is that Ted really is not telling his kids the story of  how he met their mother, so much as trying to bring up the fact that he still has the hot for their aunt Robin. That’s right, folks, his 9 year long story was meant merely to get permission from his kids to date aunt Robin, who they already love and adore. And then it all comes full circles, Ted goes and steals the blue French horn again and brings it to Robin as a symbol of their love.


Again, I can see why half the audience loves this ending. Many people thought that Ted and Robin should end up together, and the fact that it came full circle is pretty romantic. But even this gets cheapened for me… Since Ted already found his dream-girl, in Tracy, it just felt like he was now ready to settle for Robin. It didn’t feel as powerful as his connection with Tracy it felt like a pragmatic decision made by a lonely guy who feels comfortable around an ex as well as a close friend. I may have been able to come around to this ending with a little more development but with how they did the finale, it all seemed so rushed they you basically were just sitting there thinking “Oh man…don’t do that…fuck they did it…. NO don’t change that….aww and there it goes….”.

Personally I would have preferred these endings: If they had ended an episode sooner with Robin and Barney being together, adding in the ultimate high five and then getting to see Ted actually MEET Tracy at the train stations (just like in the finale). Or if they had to kill her off, just to let it end with that. I took solace in the fact that he found “the one” and got to enjoy whatever time he had left with her.


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