Arrow – A Fun and Action Packed Show

I recently stated in a previous post that many of my shows were ending (season ending as well as series ending) smd that I had a desire to start watching new shows because of this. In said post, I had started watching the following. Which is a great show, and I will definitely continue watching it, but it is very dark. As such I wanted to find another show that was not so bleak. After some searching, I decided to give Arrow a shot.

The show plays on the CW and released not long after the show Smallville ended. Many people, mistakenly, thought that the same Oliver Queen found in Smallville would be the same as the one in Arrow. However, the two shows could not be more different.


Oliver Queen was a rich, billionaire playboy without a care in the world. One day, whilst traveling by Yacht with his father and girlfriend’s sister(ouch), his vessel (called The Queen’s Gambit) has an accident and sinks. His mistress dies and he safely makes it to a life raft with his father. His father reveals to Oliver that he is a fraud and let’s him in on a big family secret before committing suicide.


Oliver later washes onto a seemingly deserted island that he later finds out is called Purgatory. He is forced to fight for survival for five long years until he is finally able to get off the island.


Once off the island, Oliver seeks to right his father’s wrongs and assumes the mantle of The Vigilante as he takes care of those that would do harm to his city or family.

The show is very interesting to watch and I find it tough to stop watching it once I get started. There is a lot of action and Oliver, for the most part, sees no issue with killing.

The show develops the back story throughout the series rather than show it to you all at once. As such, it would be a difficult show to start at a middle point rather than the beginning. I absolutely love the back story, it might even be my favorite part of the show! It is like getting two shows in one. The back story centers around Oliver’s journey on the island. He endures things like torture, violence, starvation, training, loneliness and much more.

It is always great to see the island story because it has a direct affect on the present-day story and adds a lot of tension to it.

The show is also full of likeable characters. I doubt a person will have issue not being able to connect to at least one or two of them. Even the villains are mostly likeable or, at least, interesting. This applies to both the present-day story and the Island story.

Present-day Oliver Queen is not without hardships, either. His problems are often more complicated than they were on the island because he has to protect more people than just himself. This often involves lying to anyone and everyone or, on the off chance that he can be truthful, facing their hatred for the murderer they think he has become.

All-in-all, Arrow is a great show. It develops the story very deeply and takes it’s time doing so. The action is great as are the characters. I am currently towards the end of season one but I cannot wait to watch season two!

P.S. the dude who plays Oliver Queen seriously reminds me of a love child between Chris O’Donnell and Seann William Scott.


One thought on “Arrow – A Fun and Action Packed Show

  1. This show was really surprising for me especially considering the network it airs on. I like how the series is both grounded for non comic fans and has the neat references for those who are. Also the show just keeps getting better! Great show and excellent post!


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