Problem Children are Coming From Another World — Friggin’ Awesome Show

I watched the first 10 episodes of Certain Problem Children are Coming from Another World recently and, let me tell ya’, I was not dissapointed at all! This anime has a little bit of everything. A solid story, awesome protagonists, good chick-to-dude ratio(this particular one is for a friend of mine who is very picky) awesome fighting, comedy and more!



Three people from different worlds (or timelines depending on how you want to look at things) are bored with their current world because they all posses special abilities. One day they each get a letter inviting them to a placed called “Little Garden”. They are then, literally, dropped into a different world where people posses special powers called “Gifts”. The people residing in Little Garden use their gifts to battle and play games that allow them to gain wealth, power, prestige, status and more.

The thee main characters were transported there by Black Rabbit, a being with exceptional powers that oversee the games to ensure fairness and rules and such. Her community (sort of like a guild) had been wiped out by a demon lord and she brought the three characters to her world to help save them. She soon finds out, however, that the “children” she had recruited are also very troublesome.

They constantly run off on their own, accept games and battles with little thought and impose crazy conditions that would normally put them in a bind. As the series continues, however, each of the children show a strong will, compassion and determination to save the community that they joined. They each have an incredible, and useful power of their own that they use to fight.

Kudō Asuka, for instance, posses the ability to control people and things with her mind. In her old world she found everything easy because humans were easy to control. In little Garden, However, she learns that she must keep expanding her ability and growing it because there are being in little Garden that have similar, but more polished, abilities.


Kasukabe Yo has the ability to “make friends” with animals and beasts. She can speak to them and as they become her friend, she also gains their abilities as well. Thus far, she has proven to be very smart and calculating. However she has not proven to be OP yet but I have hopes for her!



Sakamaki Izayoi has proven to be the most OP character of the show and has no specific ability other than super strength and power that seems to surpass even Little Gardens limitations. He is also very intelligent, contrary to his thug-like demeanor. Not many people, so far, have been able to fight him as an equal. Its a lot if fun to see him own everyone, you get to see 100% domination in anime’s.




The show is tons of fun and allows for a solid story line as well. The children are constantly being underestimated which can put them in interesting situations. None of the children ever back down, either. They’re headstrong and a bit cocky but they genuinely want to help raise the status of their community.


Also, the three children are not above team work so it doesn’t get boring seeing one character be OP and then another. They often have to act as a team and thin tactically to win or survive.

With all of this, the show would be awesome as is. They do, however, include a lot of humor and fun in the show as well as feel-good moments with the community which allow it to take on a slice-of-life feel on occasion as well.



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