Superman: Red Son

Hey, sorry about the delay in posts recently. I have gotten a little busy lately. I wanted to keep this post short overall so I figured I would talk about a graphic novel that I thoroughly enjoyed a while back. Superman: Red Son. It is a great graphic novel and puts an interesting and refreshing twist on the story of Superman. Instead of being a kansas-raised uber-american, the series poses the question: “what would superman be like if he was born in communist Russia?”


Thoughts (Some spoilers)
Honestly, that is the synopsis in a nutshell. We see many of the same major players, like Lois, Lex Luthor, Bizaro, Batman and Wonder woman but with some twists. Like communist batman:


Superman’s outlook is generally the same. He was still raised by farmers and has humble beginnings. But being that he was there during the height of communist power, the communists (unlike the American government in the DC Universe) welcome him with open arms and he eventually becomes their leader.

The biggest different for me with this novel is that superman crosses that line from being the do-no-wrong golden boy to literally ruling the world. At some point his mindset changes from “I want to protect the world” to “humans are babies that need order and control”. It gets so bad that, eventually, the only country left opposing superman and communism is the USA and that us because Lex Luthor is opposing superman.


Luthor is, without  a doubt, my favorite thing about the novel. He is done right! Honestly I hope they choose to have the luthor from this universe personified in the new film! The united states turned to lex to develop something to combat superman. He suffers many defeats. Eventually he creates his own superman (Bizarro) that is a little deformed and diwitted.


After bizarro gives his life to stop a  missile, everything changes. Lex dedicates his entire life  to destroying superman for two reasons: one, he represents enslavement of the human race and two, Bizaro, a ” lesser version of superman” had beaten Lex in a game of chess the night prior. Refusing to believe humans could be outmatched by aliens, Lex will spend the rest of his life trying to destroy Superman.

Honestly, I can’t say much more without revealing the end. Just know that it will leave you saying “wow!”


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