The Desire for self improvement

I have been going to the gym with a friend of mine for over a month now. I am super out of shape so and I know I am very unhealthy so I figured I should hit the gym. It feels very different from when I was in high school. Maybe it was because in high school I had a goal in mind whereas now I do not have a clear goal. I go about two days a week and I know I should go more but I cannot muster the enthusiasm necessary. As it is now, I basically only go because I know my friend wants/needs a partner and I don’t want to let him down.


I also think a detractor from my wanting to go is the results I am seeing. My first week of going and now are very different. I do not get nearly as sore (that was hell) and I have definitely increased the amount of weight I can list for sure. So i am seeing results in that regard, but on a daily basis I really don’t feel any stronger. I want to lose weight but my friend, who is already in solid shape, does not do cardio because that “is not the look he is going for”. Which leaves me to motivate myself to do cardio on days we are not working out(again…feeling lackluster and unmotivated). So I am not sure what to do. All in all I am pretty disappointed with myself, I had hoped that once I start going to the gym, the desire to better myself would kick in (as it has in the past) but it really hasn’t. Maybe I need to go more? Maybe if I make the gym a part of my daily routine I will start to feel better and feel more motivated. In th past, when I had worked out daily, I remember feeling better. 


Another thing I haven’t been able to motivate myself to improve upon is my diet. I would like to try a low carb diet because I think that would be the most effective way to lose weight additionally it would be a big help as I am a diabetic and low carbs generally means that my blood sugar wont spike. While I have no trouble eating meats, it is the sides that I have trouble with. All god sides that I actually enjoy are high in carbs while the low-carb sides I find to be gross and unappetizing. Anyways, that would be my IDEAL diet, yet I still find myself over eating.  I know I have to change something to kickstart my motivation I just don’t know what….I think I will increase gym days and go from there. Also, maybe I should try alternate-day fasting? I think it would help me get used to eating less (portion-wise) because I will be able to better tell the different from hungry to full.


3 thoughts on “The Desire for self improvement

  1. We can have another bet running; that always seems to motivate you. For fasting, look at what HGH does and that’ll probably help you, but aren’t you not supposed to do that what with the diabetes?


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