Top Five Favorite Male protagonists in Anime

I have watched anime, of various kinds, since I was very very young. As such I have experienced my fair share of protagonists. This post will list my top 5 favorite. Don’t worry, for you dude-haters out there, I will have my female anime list up soon!!

1. Makunouchi Ippo


He is the protagonist of the show Hajime No Ippo. Ippo is a timid and heavily bullied high school student with zero friends. This is because he is always helping out with his moms fishing company. He has gained tremendous strength from the manual labor he goes through every day but still believes himself to be weak. One day he is saved from getting his ass kicked by a pro boxer and then sets on his own path of becoming pro.

It’s a great show for people who like or don’t like boxing. I think that you will appreciate the sport way more once you’ve watched this show.

2. Ichigo Kurosaki


Ichigo is a seemingly normal high school kid who has always been able to see ghosts. He gets tossed into a works of death gods when he is forced into a partnership with a relatively young death god– becoming a substitute death god himself.

Ichigo is super powerful in this universe, he is basically the jesus of his world. At times this can be tiring as — I understand the need to power up but I think the writers sometimes use vehicles to power up that ate unnecessary. Other than that all the characters are likeable and the action is amazing.

3. Yagami Light and L from Death Note


I know that there is two of them in this one but there is a reason for that! Yagani Light is the son of a cop. He is a high school super-genius with a very strong sense of justice. When he stumbles upon a notebook, called the deathnote, that allows him to kill anyone when he right their name is the book, he sets off on a path the cleanse the world of evil. L is another super-genius detective that’s is trying to catch yagami light. It is up to you if you think of Yagami as a villain or not. His intentions are pure so I choose to view him as a would-be hero. But I can’t separate this two characters as their cat and mouse game is the best part of the show as a whole!

4. Ko Kitamura


Feel free to read my first blog to see the anime’s description. I love this character because, to me, its the closest that any other baseball show/toon/movie has gotten to the feel of  the movie The Natural. Ko has an infallible feel to me. The whole show revolves around one goal… Making it to the mound at koshien. Not because its every Japanese boys dream, but because his childhood love (who dies in ep. 1) had a dream that he stood on the mound at koshien. The whole show has an epic feel and he main character remains as an uncorruptable and unstoppable force.

5. Kirito


Let’s just say that if I am trapped in a virtual MMORPG…. I’m going to party up with this dude. The second half of the the first season you really get to see his fighting ability shine. He is super loyal and dependable too!

So that’s my top five…what’s yours?


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