Zero no Tsukaima/ Familiar of Zero

We’ve all had an anime that you enjoy so much, you simply can’t stop watching it, right? For me, one such anime was Zero no Tsukaima (aka Familiar of Zero aka ZnT). I decided to watch it when its name popped up on the deck list for Weiss Schwartz. After reading the premise it sounded like a fun watch so I downloaded the series and powered through it a few days later.


Louise is a young aristocrat attending her magical highschool. To date, she has never successfully completed a spell, more apt to blow everything up rather than succeed. As such, all her classmates refer to her as “Zero Louise” due to her zero percent success rate with magic.


First year students are allowed to contract with a Familiar, a life long magical companion that is usually some type of animal, during there freshmen year. This is a “sacred” ritual and Louise is determined to gain the best Familiar anyone has ever seen to prove her  magical prowess.  What she gets, however, is a human familiar that comes from a different world.


Upon contracting with Hiraga Saito,her new Familiar, a strange mark burns to his hand. You find out that he is rather useful because he has the ability to utilize any weapon even though he has had zero combat experience. You see him skillfully utilize swords, planes, rocket launchers and more. As the series continues you learn more about he mark and the strange nature of Louise’s magic.

This is a super fun series filled with lots of laughter and a decent overarching story line. Saito is, at first, treated like a slave and is forced to do house chores for Louise.

Saito doing laundry

Eventually, however, their relationship grows into one of love. Which would be fine if every girl in the series didn’t have a thing for him. He is constantly being caught in sexually suggestive situations that he either is too dumb to step away from or accidentally caught up in. When caught by Louise he is usually called  dog whether it was his fault or not.


Or, more commonly, he is severely beaten for being a man-slut.

Sadistic Louise

Honestly though, don’t feel bad, he deserves a lot of his beatings. Saito does love Louise, and he says so throughout the series with both words and actions, but he acts almost like a victim in a lot of situations because he is a horny teenager with no control.

Angry Louise


Honestly, this show has a bit of everything for just about any viewer. It has harem aspects, action sequences, love, magic and more. The most frustrating part of the series is how long it takes the two main characters to commit to each other, you’re never quit sure if they’re in a committed relationship or just friends. But its super enjoyable, a lot of fun and exciting as hell!



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