Top Five Super Hero Team

My brother brought this up a while back,   it was from a podcast that he listens to that was talking about who, essentially, would be in your top superhero squad. That got my thinking of who would comprise my own list. Ideally, rather than having a bunch of super strong-elite type heroes I would prefer, I think, a more balanced squad. So here are my choices and why:

1. Superman


This might be seen as a cop out since I only, just moments ago, talked about having a balanced squad. That being said, why wouldn’t I want the most powerful hero of all time be apart of my squad? He is super strong, fast, has a bunch of extra powers, and is pretty darn intelligent. He would be useful as my tank at minimum if not the anchor if the entire squad.

2.  Iron Man


This was a touch choice for me. I wanted someone with the intelligence levels of batman or lex luthor( to help during tactical situations) but someone with the comic relief ability that someone like the flash or human torch might have. As such, iron man (specifically Robert Downey jr. Version) fits the bill.

3. Castiel (supernatural)


This is going to seem like an odd choice so let me explain: first, this is would be pre- cas going evil and pre- god abandonment. He would still have all of his angelic powers plus he would have the “big guns”(god) on his side. He would be the versatile player on this team as he would act as a healer, teleporter, and fighter.

4. Martian Manhunter


Martian manhunter has so many powers that it is unfair. Even superman recognizes martian as a true threat. More recently he has had powers similar to superman like super strength and flight but he also has telekinesis, xray vision, telepathy, shape shifting and much more. I think this telepathy in particular would allow him to be a solid communicator for the group too.

5. Ichigo Kurosaki


Particularly ichigo when he fight against aizen in his ultimate mode. He naturally reached god status.  He has super strength, speed and is constantly getting stronger.

So that is my crew. Let me know what you think!!


2 thoughts on “Top Five Super Hero Team

    1. Both, Really. This would be my super team. Whether in a fight or protecting the world, this is my dream team. Crossing universes is no problem…


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