Highschool of the Dead – Fun Anime, Zero Depth

Zombies have always been an iffy genre for me. I really dislike scary movies so zombie movies and such are usually a no-go for me. A friend of mine recommended Highschool of the Dead (HOTD) and I gave it a shot. I must say, it was an awesomely fun series to watch given that the story, itself, is a bit sad in retrospect. There is a lot of fun to be had in this series but it lacks any real depth which is evident by its need to throw in fan service every two scenes.
So, if you’re a girl who gets offended easily when chicks in a given series are objectified… Please…PLEASE do not watch this show.

The series follows a group of teens at a local highschool in Japan and starts on day one of the Zombie Apocalypse.


The group of unlikely companions try to stay alive and fight for survival during the “outbreak” and also have to deal with a world facing social collapses and many moral issues. They learn to repurposed skills, like combat skills that they’ve learned in school or shooting ability acquired at a gun range. Some even have to learn new skills to survive. They do all this, mass amount of killing along the way, while they all travel towards each other’s homes to reunite with their families that may or may not be alive.



The fight scenes are awesome, gruesome, but awesome. I love the fact that each person has a solid skill-set that they bring to the table that allows them to run as an efficient and tactical group. Sure, they’re probably way to young to do half the things that they’re capable of but hey, anime doesn’t always have to make sense.

The biggest downside of this show is that there is zero…literally zero, core character development. It is as if the cast of this series are perfect in their teen years and need zero improvement. As such, this show revolves around spectacular fight scenes and a hell of a lot of fan service. Seriously, if you live in a house with family, you might find it a bit uncomfortable to watch in common areas.


Even the fight scenes have tons of fan service


So maybe find a nice quiet….private room?  Still, the animation is super clean and the characters are all very likeable. I hope they continue the series since it just sort of ends mid journey but since this was releasee in 2010, I doubt they will.



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